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1. Breizh Roots « Les Sœurs Goadeg Remix » ft Jerry Cornic
2. Ne bado ket atao remix « Alan Stivell remix »
3. Breizh in your face « Ar Re Yaouank Remix »
4. Jungle Plinn ft Marchand & Kemener
5. Jungle Plinn Suite ft Marchand & Kemener
6. Jump Lamm ft Les Frères Guichen
7. Amzer'zo Gant ma pado « Les Sœurs Goadeg Remix »
8. Dubzhstep Part 1 ft Marchand & Kemener
9. Dubzhstep Part 2 ft Marchand & Kemener
10. Blodeuwedd ft Les Frères Guichen
11. Burzhudus « Les Sœurs Goadeg Remix »
12. FunkiBreizhi « Les Frères Morvan Remix »
13. BJazZH ft Jerry Cornic
14. Star Tijenn « Les Frères Morvan Remix »
15. Ingarniboom « Les Sœurs Goadeg Remix »
16. Magic Land ft Jerry Cornic
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Breizh'n Bass Modern Western

Just like Stanley Kubrick‘s Space Odyssey, my adventure as a DJ-producer started in 2001. As I only owned a few vinyl records at that time, I naturally turned to my parents’ collection. Eventually I came across an album by the Goadeg Sisters (a traditional Breton acapella singing group) that belonged to my father. I started mixing traditional Breton music over drum’n’bass records: how whimsical! Yet, the magic happened at once. And from this daring mixture, Breizh’n’bass was born! This mix was my nature, my Breton culture, my roots and their extensions… And simultaneously the emergence of an underground movement.


One day - not by Merlin’s magic but after working hard - newspapers, radios and television started to get interested in my project. To me it was new! They referred emphatically to the new musical genre: it was real recognition.

With a good education and musical background, a passion for dance and a degree in anthropology, I made it my mission to convey a very different image from the clichés. I wish to promote contemporary Brittany and its creative personalities through music. I believe this current representation will resonate around the world, just as, wherever you are, from New York to Japan through to Los Angeles, chances are you will have already met a Breton!

Respecting differences

I come from a militant family who struggle for the preservation of the Breton culture and more specifically its language. I was brought up to respect others and their differences. Like many others, I wish to erase the fusty image of regional languages in society. I intend to claim that we are capable of both maintaining our linguistic and cultural heritage in our everyday life and see ourselves as part of the wider world and speak other languages to be part of the wider conversation.

I understood that Breizh’n’bass would help me to remain true to myself, and music would enable me to understand any culture in the world. From early childhood, I’ve been totally fascinated by how percussion, drums and bass could create trances. With acapella songs added on top at a rapid rhythm, I realised that sound waves could bring me beyond frontiers and across oceans.

“I belong to the world with my own particularity”

The album you are holding in your hands is the result of two years of intense work aiming at achieving an impeccable sound quality while respecting the musical traditions I come from. This “opus incertum” is the culmination of live collaborations as well as studio recordings with several artists with whom I shared projects or performances. Eric Marchand and Yann-Fañch Kemener sing a duet, the Guichen Brothers play the guitar and accordion and Jerry Cornic plays the trumpet.

I used samples from the traditional Breton acapella songs called “kan ha diskan” by the Goadeg Sisters, the Morvan Brothers and Alan Stivell as well as a track by Ar Re Yaouank which revolutionised Breton music during the eighties. At that time as a girl, I used to see them frequently in associations, cultural circles and at my parents’ home. This record aims to achieve balance between various components; a perfect fusion between two worlds which speak in very different vernaculars. Between clubbing and Breton culture, my experience in dance music has enabled me to create rhythmic tracks, conceived to unwind with joy and good humour! The seventeen tracks result from a combination off skills, energy and knowledge.

All the artists enlisted accepted involvement with no hesitation. Therefore, they have been able to broaden their horizons with a musical sphere that was closer to them than they realised! More featuring artists will embark upon new creations to come. Gildas Barronet, a composer, also helped me to find an image of what an electronic musician should be which suited my personality, that is, my temperament and my convictions.

In this new opus, one has to mention the involvement of a VJ for a full show: videos are mixed live and their atmospheres are closely linked to the electronic-breizh sounds of this album.

As a conclusion, you will be able to download my instrumental tracks of hip hop, jungle, drum’n’bass and dubstep influences on Beat Port and various online music shops – should you ever fancy the rhythm…

Traduction: Claudine Bardouil


Miss Blue is the encounter between an ancestral culture and a resolutely modern and contemporary sound. Brought up in a Breton-speaking and militant environment, this young Djette and producer naturally laid the foundations of a novel and original movement : « Breizh'n'bass ». The crazy challenge of this young woman from Rennes is to make tradition rhyme with modernity and to create an extension of her roots and culture while promoting a contemporary image of Brittany and its creative personalities. She's been polishing her style for 10 years now and multiplying sound combinations that she neatly engraved on this first album.

« Breizh'n'bass », is also the title of the record that Miss Blue has been working on for 2 years. She multiplied collaborations with Breton artists such as Erik Marchand, Yann-Fañch Kemener, the Guichen Brothers or Jerry Cornic ; drawing over and over on the multiple riches from traditional music. Throughout the 16 tracks of this first opus, Drum'n'bass, Jungle, Dubstep and Hip Hop are harmoniously combined with « kan ha diskan » (traditional Breton acapella songs) by Alan Stivell, the Goadec Sisters or the Morvan Brothers. These musical spheres, which may seem completely different, combine as if by magic, in a common and irresistible trance.

Accustomed to concert halls as well as festivals or free parties, she is also used to Festoù-noz (traditional Breton feasts) from where she learnt her first dance steps. Narrow minds should rest assured: Miss Blue's phenomenon is not simply about traditional Breton dances brought onto the dance floors... It is much more than that ! It is about communion of rythms and trances- close and different at the same time- which naturally co-exist and are one. Thanks to this first album, « Breizh'n'bass », Miss Blue initiates more a movement than a genre or a style ! « And from Tokyo to Paris and from Quimper to Ibiza, anyone will identify with it, as it is well known that anywhere you go, you will always meet a Breton! »

Traduction: Claudine Bardouil